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During this MasterClass we will dive in deep & you will learn...
  • To access your intuition on demand so you can make decisions with ease (like what to offer, what to post, etc) and always know what’s best for your biz.
  • The difference between fear, logic, and intuitive KNOWING so you can easily determine when to push forward, when to re-evaluate your ideas, and when to rest (yes we need rest too).
  • Ways protect yourself from outside energy, negativity, & online noise so you don't get derailed in your business as a coach or healer.  I will teach you how to stay true to yourself (so you aren't affected by what everyone else is doing) & set energetic boundaries so you can STOP taking on other people’s “stuff” ("I can't afford it", their stories, or what they "think" about you).  
  • To use your intuition in your business to determine the best direction or idea, to get inspired,  & attract the dream clients + money you desire.
  • My favorite techniques & meditation exercises to help you tune into your intuition for yourself, your business, and your clients anytime you need.
You will receive:
  • 3 video trainings.
  • 1 - live Q & A call.
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you will have support from me and a like minded community.

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